A New Paradigm

A New Paradigm of the End Times

ekklesia 2520? Ekklesia is the Greek word for assembly, and is more commonly translated as “church” in the New Testament.  2520 represents the number of days in the final 7 years commonly known as “Daniel’s 70th Week”.  We believe that the final 2520 days are near and the ekklesia of God will be called upon to shine God’s light in a very dark world and at a very dark time.  This will be the greatest time of testing and also the greatest time of victory that the Church has ever known.  We hold fast to this promise from Revelation 12:11 – “They triumphed over him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”.  It is our prayer that our articles will help you to be equipped, encouraged, and emboldened to be among those who are wise and “shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.” (Daniel 12:3)

Prophetic Road Signs Coming Into View

As we have studied through the years, we have seen complete shifts in what were taught on what Bible prophecy because of time and allowing Scripture to define Scripture. We personally do not believe most bible prophecy expositors have purposely mislead anyone, but lacked the focus on the signs because they were still so far off. Think of bible prophecy like a major highway with signs to guide you. You are driving along on your trip, and you see what appears to be a road sign about 1000 feet in the distance. You can tell somewhat by its shape and color. You can’t tell what it says yet because you can’t even see the words. You continue driving and now you are 750 feet away and you can just start to make out some words. You think it is referring to your destination, but it’s still not quite clear enough to read. You continue driving and at about 500 feet away you can see clearly enough through the blur, that it has your destination city on it. The mileage to your destination is still very blurry. You drive another 200 feet and you see that indeed, that is your destination, but the mileage isn’t fully perceptible.

Many of the popular teachings of the last century have become much more easy to recognize because of the passing of time. One hundred years ago we were looking at a sign 1000 feet away. Today we have reached the point where we can almost make out the mileage to the our destination. It’s almost fully perceptible.

We believe that the following seven topics are important for understanding the last days. We have found that many were either unanswerable before, or had poor interpretations because it just wasn’t time yet for our eyes to focus in on the actual meaning of what God had the writers write. After all, even the writers didn’t know what they were writing, so how could we be sure! Now, with the passage of time, and allowing God’s Word to define itself, we are getting a much better picture. Do note that the topics you’ll read below are not fully answered. We are taking what we can currently see and will update each as revelation is made by God.

The Pillars of a New Paradigm:

  1. The Last Generation
    We believe that the time of Daniel’s Last Week is almost at hand. We believe there are clues within Scripture, as well as current events in the world that point to this being the last generation.
    a. Are We in the Last Days…
  2. The Restrainer
    Many theories have been postulated over the years about who or what the restrainer is. Here we delve into the passage found in 2 Thessalonians 2 to really get to the truth.
    a. That Which Restrains; The Apostasy of the Church…
  3. The First Beast
    An exposition of the First Beast found in Revelation 13. Who or What is this Beast and where does it come from?
    a. Identity Crisis; A Tale of Two Beasts…
    b. The Beast Out of the Sea; Principalities and Powers…
  4. The Second Beast
    An exposition of the Second Beast found in Revelation 13. Many have called this Beast the False Prophet. But is that all he is, or is there more…?
    a. Identity Crisis; A Tale of Two Beasts…
    b. Mark of the Beast; Number of a Man…
  5. The Two Witnesses
    This topic has garnered almost as many theories (if not more) than the question of who the Restrainer is. Our take may surprise you, but it is vital to understand as we get ever closer to Daniel’s Last Week.
    a. The Two Witnesses Series…
  6. Mystery Babylon
    Another hard topic and more so because it is aptly shrouded in “mystery”. Here we offer a very eye-opening view of who Mystery Babylon really is.
    a. Article (coming soon)…
  7. The Rapture/Resurrection
    One of the most controversial topics in Christianity. We believe we have presented the most compelling arguments of the timing of Christ’s return for his Bride taking all of Scripture into context.
    a. Rapture of the Church and the Coming of Christ…