Removing bargaining chips and minimizing the Palestinians, the Trump Administration has further backed them into a corner.

In Other News

With the world reaching critical mass concerning the Corona Virus outbreak, there is actually something far more serious going on as we have written about here and here. The usual modus oporandi of world governments is to never let a good crisis go to waste and surely that is what we are seeing around the globe, but we would like to point out something to you that you probably missed….

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, the U.S State Department in their annual Human Rights Report, reclassified East Jerusalem’s Palestinians from “Palestinian residents” of the city to “Arab residents” or “non-Israeli residents”. The goal by the Trump administration is clear; disconnect the Palestinians from claims to East Jerusalem in a future state. This would also loosen their footing further on bargaining tools in any negotiations they may entertain in the future in regards to The Deal of the Century offered up by the Trump administration. Having taken a non-negotiation stance from the start, the Trump administration is using great force to push the Palestinian Authority to the table, before they no longer have a seat at it. More thoughts on that later, but first…

Background; The Two Millennium Smack in the Face

Of course we know that the land of Israel existed well before the first advent of Christ for God’s Word, the Bible makes this abundantly clear. We also know from the Bible that this kingdom of Israel had its share of blessings and judgments. In the last big judgment, Jesus foretold of the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD (Luke 21) which would lead to a final dispersal that would be seen at the end of the Bar Kokhba Revolt in 136 AD. The Romans, infuriated with the Jewish people, put a punctuation on any further outburst by not only defeating the uprising, but renaming the land in homage to the Israelite’s Biblical rivals, the Philistines, a non Arab people. This was a smack in the face aimed at erasing the Jewish Biblical connection to the land.

The Philistines at this point in history had ceased to exist having had the remnants of their people assimilate into foreign countries, disappearing from the world stage, forever. After having fought off and on with Israel for centuries from their land in modern Gaza, the Philistines and their land Philistia were no more. As a punishment to the Jews, the Romans renamed Judea, Provincia Syria Palestinia. This was done by combining Roman Syria with Roman Judea. Over time, this name was relegated to only the land of Judea to which it has stuck until modern times in is shortened version; Palestine prior to 1948. You can read a brief history here.

Synopsis; The Origin of Modern ‘Palestinians’

Modern Palestinians are made up of primarily two groups of peoples; Iraqis and Egyptians. It was the Iraqis who immigrated to Judea and Samaria during the first Aliyah (the immigration of Jews to Israel, either as individuals or in groups) from 1883-1903 in seek of better economic opportunities. This is the group known as ‘Palestinians’ in the secular named West Bank. The “Palestinians” in the Gaza Strip are primarily descendants of Egyptians. Notably, and easily verified, is that former Palestinian Liberation Organization leader, Yassir Arafat was born in Cairo, Egypt, where also the founding of the PLO took place! That’s right, Arafat was not even born in the land of ‘Palestine’.

Propaganda Piece Removed

With the U.S. State Department’s reclassification of “Palestinian residents” in Judea and Samaria as “Arab residents” and or “non-Israeli residents”, a major piece of propaganda has been removed; there was never a Palestinian State, therefore there was never a Palestinian people. A major part of their fraudulent identity has been removed and therefore reducing their claim to the land… all. Starting with the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capitol and moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Trump administration is pushing what it wants on the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority with more shoving happening to the latter thus far. This reclassification is another in a long line of slaps in the face to Israel’s belligerent neighbor vying to take away their Biblical inheritance, but should we cheer?

The Land Will Be Divided

If we look at the return of Christ in Joel 3, we see this…

For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

Joel 3:1-2

The passage at the beginning of Joel 3 shows us the return of Christ and his gathering of nations for the battle of Armageddon. Jesus is not happy and aside from the wickedness of the world, it is the dividing of the land God promised to Abraham and his descendants that has him extremely angry. The Prophet Joel tells us the obvious; any peace treaty between Israel and her enemies will involve concessions made by the Israeli’s themselves and those concessions will be forced upon them just as the concessions we are seeing forced on the Palestinians in the last several years. And in Daniel 9:27 the Prophet Daniel also makes it clear that the “he” is the one the who makes the firm covenant with the many, not the other way around! This is very profound!

As Redemption Draws Near, Darkness Lies Ahead

Right now many in the Church are cheering, but the end game is simple; the little horn (Antichrist) will forge this peace treaty and look like Israel’s hero, but this will only be for a short period of time! The covenant with the many spoken of in Daniel 9:27 is not a dream come true, but an ushering in of the darkest time in human history, one that ultimately ends in the Church’s redemption. The little horn will look like a Messiah and be cheered, even by the elect for a time. This is exactly how a majority of Israeli’s and Evangelical Christian’s in the United States see President Donald Trump right now. In the days of the Second Temple Pharisees, they dreamed of a man like Trump, one who would deliver the political solution that would keep them in power and deliver them their status quo. Today that man has delivered one more step in a growing line of many that would give them what they want; he’s taken what has been a farce so as to look like their champion; a notable characteristic of the coming Antichrist. Removing the name “Palestinian” in the annual human rights report and replacing it with ambiguous language may only seem like a symbolic move, but the weight of it will be felt if the Palestinian Authority ever decides to come to the negotiation table. Are you beginning to see it yet? Stay tuned…


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  • Yes I can see what may happen very soon and with the stock market in a death spiral the vast majority of people aren’t paying attention to the geopolitical situation at all.

  • Sorry guys, I am going to have to disagree with you on this article. I actually live in the Middle East, in the Biblical wilderness. I spend a lot of time in Jerusalem, also. A large portion of the Palestinians are not from Egypt or Iraq. A large part of them are Lost house of Israel, or Lost House of Judah (Two-House, One New Man Group).
    It’s interesting how Misinai comes up with 90 per cent. There are two categories, which he calls “Descendants of Israel” and “Brethren of Israel.” These “brethern” are descendants of Edomites and Moabites. But they had converted to Judaism way back and remained in the fold, so of course they count. He’s got the makeup of the population broken down for every geographical sector. How he got these figures and how reliable they are I don’t know. We’ll focus on Judea and Samaria, not counting Jerusalem.
    Misinai says the population of 2007 there breaks down as follows: Pop. 956,000
    Descendants of Israel: 580,000 or 61 per cent.
    Brethren of Israel: 259,000 or 27 per cent of which 158,000 Edomites and 101,000 Moabites.
    Arabs 43,000 or 4.5 per cent.
    Roman Army 44,000.
    Christians from afar 24,000.
    Kurds 6,000. (They came in with Saladin’s army.)
    One clan is believed to be, going by their name and tradition, descendants of Bar-Kokhba.

    • I agree that a large portion of Palestinians are descendants of Jews. This is word trickery though and not what we were focusing on the article. The Palestinian Authority does not recognize those “Palestinians”. It wants a state for their version of the Palestinian. The article wasn’t a full summary of the makeup of Israel, but just a quick snapshot of what we see in Gaza and the West Bank; it wasn’t meant to be exhaustive. It is true that there are Egyptians, Iraqis and even Jordanians as well as other Arabs in the land that go by the name of Palestinian…..this is a fact. But again, it’s not the point of the article. The point was that the Trump Adminstration stripped those people the Palestinian Authority is representing of the name “Palestinian” for there is no such thing as a Palestinian people!

      Thank you for the informative comment!